Cristiano Ronaldo AMAZING GOAL! Sevilla Vs Real Madrid HD

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25 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo AMAZING GOAL! Sevilla Vs Real Madrid HD”

  1. SabzLeoVsCr Says:

    @Miah5 cristiano ronaldo fk goal this season-fk vs Lyon,30 yard fk vs Denmark,fk vs bosnia n fk vs osasuna.ronaldo nw has 30 official fk goals n 6 more fk goals,he will break ronaldinho fk record.messi didn’t even reach 5 fk goals?also 2 fk goals of messi had no wall n keeper ready

  2. Miah5 Says:

    got a weak foot but just only on the 56 goals.. Ronaldo with two good feet can’t catch him on goals.. also stop all this nonsense about can’t score from range, never seen ronaldo take 2-3-4 players in a row and score never seen ronaldo score a chip all he can do is shoot from Range.

  3. Miah5 Says:

    get real dude stop living a lie.. Messi is Uncomparable Ronaldo is a failure in big games.

  4. Miah5 Says:

    his freekick are spectacular pah! only scored one all season and that was last week… yeh your right really showing great consistency’s with his freekicks.

  5. dakinade Says:

    lastly, weak foot goals? huh? Using ur weak foot to score from 8 yards is nothing, every player at the professional level should be able to do that, using it to curl a goal in from 18yds+ with power is something different. Messi is spectacular but his weak foot, like di maria, leaves a lot to be desired. And im actually a big messi fan, im just irritated by all the unnecessary hate twds CR7 who i think is just as good but doesnt have the same chemistry with his team that messi has due 2 la masia

  6. dakinade Says:

    “flukey” freekicks? U lost me there bro. “flukey” suggests sumthing is aberrant, anomalous, lucky. Ur use of freekicks in the plural sense of the word suggests either that a) a lot of goalkeepers at the professional level in europe suck, or b) ronaldo has somehow sprayed pixie dust on the ball before he takes a freekick to magically feign the goalkeeper. The truth from an unbiased spectator is simple: whilst his freekick efficiency isnt good, his freekicks r the most spectacular in the world

  7. dakinade Says:

    i get ur passion for messi, and i agree that over/under-rating players has become the new fad now, however, dont be equally delusional in suggesting that messi scores these types of goals. Its not merely “long” shots, but 25yds + we’re talking about here, most of messi’s “long range” tend to be on the edge/right outside the box b/c lets face it he cant generate anywhere close to the power CR7 can. That doesnt mean messi isnt a great player, it just ,means his skillset is different. Me? Cr7>messi

  8. GrandDan0is Says:

    Asss rape!

  9. jackerrrrr1 Says:

    That was a fluke keeper is retard!

  10. edgarasss Says:

    Casillas 0:29 “Thank God he is not playing against me”

  11. 001Metallicarules Says:

    Messi can’t do that .

  12. afgrocks123 Says:

    Varas got raped XD

  13. FuckDaMedia Says:

    alllaaaaaaahh!!! arab comentators are mad lol!!

  14. Ramsiman00 Says:

    he always celebrates like a walking stone statue

  15. TheRepublicOfTheRif Says:


  16. TheGoalkeepah Says:

    Watch this. Imma read the keeper’s mind.

  17. TheZeTrax Says:

    0:16 masturbate

  18. rvpcr7112 Says:

    @peruvianhitman Tiger claws? Hes grabbing invisible titties.

  19. tugapowah Says:

    U can’t stop that ;)

  20. FlowTixGames Says:

    The keeper was like: oh, it won’t go in .. I saved so many shots from Messi and a penalty .. which Messi is the best player, I got this … then BOOM Ronaldo scores, and the keeper is like: Fuck Uefalona …

  21. Zanzan014 Says:

    i know you will ignore this but i hope somebody will watch that video.. its my secound one and i wanna get some views.. it has only 78. itk about cronaldo.. pls..
    thanks everybody!! <3

  22. nelmar51 Says:

    my best footballer by far

  23. MrMagicAndroid Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D :D

  24. MsBronckhorst Says:

    I bet that sevilla’s goalkeeper after the goal was thinkin’ : Now I see why he’s the best player of the world.

  25. liquid1122 Says:

    Either he’s saying “jerk me off” or rolling dice as in “Bet i could make it”