Cristiano Ronaldo – |Real Madrid| |The Ultimate Mix| By 7iSG7™

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25 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo – |Real Madrid| |The Ultimate Mix| By 7iSG7™”

  1. 95Suren Says:

    2:45 sparkle name? plz =)

  2. ILL4eRonaldo7 Says:

    Whats second and third song called? Plz reply

  3. Naxoocr7 Says:

    2:48 What is the effect purple? pls!
    send me a tutorial!

  4. ILL4eRonaldo7 Says:

    Whats the first and second song called?

  5. vicronaldo09 Says:

    in 1 year more ultimate mix 2? pls
    the best

  6. 7iSG7 Says:

    @7RMCR7 haha willst dabei sein ? :D

  7. 7RMCR7 Says:

    @7iSG7 why not ? :D

  8. 7iSG7 Says:

    @minhmeo1209 Vegas 11

  9. 7iSG7 Says:

    Ultimate Mix 2 ?

  10. vicronaldo09 Says:

    @minhmeo1209 is sony vegas pro 10 or 11

  11. vicronaldo09 Says:

    I love video <3

  12. MVOS6 Says:

    The best video of Cristiano Ronaldo since years!!
    9personally like the part when he beats the barca players :”)

  13. adrianfetti Says:

    cristiano ronaldo is just the best footballplayer ever :D

  14. vicronaldo09 Says:

    my favorite video in 2012 :)

  15. dcosautlanx Says:

    @7iSG7 tanks friend..  visit my channel

  16. Hldr10 Says:


  17. ByRoNaldoLov3er Says:

    murvai* not muray xD but noproblem xDDD keep it up :D

  18. 7iSG7 Says:

    @dcosautlanx 07-08 vs Derby county

  19. minhmeo1209 Says:

    @dcosautlanx i think its season 07/08 away game against Fulham. Not really sure

  20. minhmeo1209 Says:

    man what software do you use man?

  21. dcosautlanx Says:

    2:04 match?

  22. ZlatanIbrahimovic999 Says:

    Where in your fanpage? cant find it:) name of the first song?

  23. ZlatanIbrahimovic999 Says:

    crazy video man.. keep up the good work!

  24. sharen09 Says:

    New Subscriber keep it up bro!

  25. NeymarSkills11 Says:

    @VMPHD Film burn